Value Your Trade-in Car


Find the Value of Your Trade-in Mazda at Auffenberg Mazda

Trading in your car is one the quickest and easiest ways to secure the keys to a new vehicle, as well as lower the accompanying costs. Auffenberg Mazda works to make this process even simpler with our value your trade calculator that provides you with a quick estimate of your vehicle’s worth. This calculator not only provides you with an estimate of your car’s worth but can also help you secure a fair price when it comes time to accepting and negotiating an offer. Use the calculator above to find the value of your trade-in Mazda, then bring it to Auffenberg Mazda near Fairview!

How To Trade-In My Car

While some Collinsville drivers may find the prospect of trading in their car to be daunting, we’re here to assure them that is process is quite simple. What’s more, you can even trade-in a car that’s not even paid off! Here’s what you need to do:

  • After you’ve figured out your trade-in car value, browse our inventory to find the new or used car that’s right for your budget (you can also estimate your monthly payment).
  • If your trade-in estimate covers the cost of your next vehicle, it’s pretty simple to trade cars.
  • If your value trade-in Mazda doesn’t cover the cost of your next car, our financing department can help cover the difference.
  • When you’re ready to make a trade, bring your vehicle to Auffenberg Mazda near St. Jacob. Don’t forget your title, registration, key, and any relevant loan payoff information.
  • We’ll inspect your car and finalize any trade-in amount.

Trade-in You Car at Auffenberg Mazda

Are you ready to make a trade? Simply fill our the value your trade calculator above, then once you’ve received an estimate, bring your car to Auffenberg Mazda where we’ll perform an inspection and provide an offer. If you have any questions regarding the trade-in process, contact us today!